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the artist

About the artist
Naomi’s art has been seen in numerous venues in St. Louis since she began painting in 2009. Her work has also been shown in Lexington, Kentucky, Boston, Massachusetts, and Lyon, France. Naomi’s paintings can be found in private collections throughout United States and Europe.

Naomi holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and Russian Areas Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has never received formal training as an artist, but she can trace her somewhat twisted path from ESL teacher, to political consultant, to website creator (just to name a few) to artist. Naomi is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, where she lives with her husband and parrot.

What people are saying about Naomi’s work
“…delicious and interesting…they bring a state of extreme peace."
“Excellent use of such vibrant colors…love the texture!”
“There is a certain peacefulness about her work that captivates and soothes at the same time.”
“Each art piece she creates is seriously one of a kind! Amazing! Her art is the breath of fresh air.”
“Exquisitely charismatic.”

Artist statement

My abstract paintings are created through the spontaneous application of paint with my fingers. This technique has enabled me to create a variety of textures and designs that I cannot achieve with a brush. Although I have spent much of my art career as a finger painting artist, I now both finger paint and use brushes to create detailed landscapes.

The colors in my work are saturated, yet you'll find subtle variations in the hues. My paintings are not only known for their vibrant and profound colors, but also for their textures. People often report feeling both energized and calm while looking at my work.
current shows
Plaza Dental Center, St Louis, Missouri 63108
St. Louis Spine and Health, St. Louis, Missouri 63141

past representation
Crafts Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky (2014-2015)
Serendipity Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri (2014)
Webster House Galleries, St. Louis, Missouri (2013)
Sole Survivor Art Gallery, Belleville, Missouri

past shows and events
Contemporary Art Museum's Open Studio Tour, St. Louis, Missouri.
Paintings donated to benefit Foster Parrots Ltd., Hope Valley, Rhode Island.

Solo show at The Wine Merchant, St. Louis, Missouri
Paintings donated to benefit Foster Parrots Ltd., Hope Valley, Rhode Island.
Paintings donated to benefit Foster Parrots Ltd., Hope Valley, Rhode Island.
Contemporary Art Museum's Open Studios Tour (Webster House Galleries), St. Louis, Missouri
Solo show at Wired Coffee, St. Louis, Missouri
Solo show at Starbucks, St. Louis, Missouri
Solo show at Third Degree Glass Factory, St. Louis, Missouri
Express Scripts Art Show (through July 2011), St. Louis, Missouri
Painting auctioned at "Tastings 2011" wine-tasting benefit for the St. Louis Society for the Physically Disabled. At Moulin in Lafayette Square, St. Louis, Missouri.
Painting donated for auction at the Concert to Benefit Japan, St. Louis, Missouri
Solo show at the Maplewood Art Walk , St. Louis, Missouri
Art display at Give into the Groove benefit concert, Lexington, Kentucky
Let Them Eat Art-Maplewood, Missouri.
Art Strings for Vets fundraiser, Soulard Art Market, St. Louis, Missouri
Grand Opening Tavern of Fine Arts, St. Louis, Missouri
Foster Parrots Ltd. and the New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary Fundraiser, Hope Valley, Rhode Island

St. Louis Musicians for Haiti. Art auction to benefit Doctors Without Borders, Sheldon Concert Hall and Galleries, St. Louis, Missouri
Solo show at Urban Eats Cafe and Artist Collective in St. Louis, Missouri
Solo show at Vom Fass as part of the Maplewood Arts Walk, Maplewood, Missouri

Open Studios at The Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis-Lyon Sister Cities Art Show at the World Trade Center, Clayton, Missouri and Centre Culturel et de la Vie Associative (CCVA), Villeurbanne ( Lyon) France


Solo art show at The Vine on Main wine bar and bistro, St. Charles, Missouri
Riff Raff's Halloween Art Show at Koken Art Factory, St. Louis, Missouri
Intimate Distance Art Show, The Syndicate Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri

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