available works

floral works
Field in Winter Sunlit Meadow
Color Field
May Blossoms in Pink May Blossoms in Purple
May Blossoms in Yellow
May Flowers: Pink May Flowers: Purple
Far Afield
Summertime Sweet Summer

the aleutian dream series
Aleutian Dream Aleutian Dream No. 2
Aleutian Dream No. 3
Aleutian Dream No. 4

the saugatuck summer series
Saugatuck Summer No. 1 abstract painting Saugatuck Summer No. 2 Saugatuck Summer No. 3 abstract painting

abstract impressionist works

Glade Anticipation
Passage No. 2 Quiet Absolution Sweet Slumber No. 1
Naissance Sweet Slumber No. 2 Still Waters
Flurries At Sunset Hope Reflecting Pool
The Wanderer Wistful The Day After the Day Before
Strange Love Clear As Day Sundown


Stratosphere 3 Oceania abstract painting Aegean Blue trio abstract painting
Summer abstract painting Bliss Desert Hues

Passing Storm abstract painting Early Autumn Sunset Sonnet abstract painting
State of Grace abstract painting Technicolor Sunset Number 1 Stratosphere 4
Sky Gazing Etude Foray abstract painting
Oxygen Parting Clouds abstract painting Starry Night

landscapes and seascapes
Rasputin's Robes In Absentia Terra Firma
As Above Wynton at the Beach Winter's Return
Nightfall on Earth Shifting Sands Dali's Disciple
Cast Away Air abstract painting Whispers No. 2

various works
Wasserfall Reunion Liquid
Luminous Lagoon Effervescent Blue abstract painting Emerge abstract painting
Moonlight Morning Mist abstract painting Carnival
Carnival No. 3  

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