Reverie (2015)

Reverie (2015), a commission installed in San Francisco, CA.

Payment for a commission
The buyer is charged in full only after a jpeg of the finished painting has been approved. A buyer is charged up front for the canvas only when the canvas must be special-ordered. Payment is accepted via Paypal, credit card, or cashier's check.

Canvas depth
Three depths of canvases are available: 7/8 inch, 1.5 inches, and 1 and 3/8 inches. Please keep in mind that I paint the sides of my paintings, so typically collectors do not frame my paintings (although you are certainly free to do so!). A collector also has the option to have a canvas custom-built. Commissions on custom canvases must be paid for in full up front, and this payment is non-refundable.

A commission based on an existing painting
Buyers often request a commission based on an existing painting with modifications such as size, number of canvases, and different colors or hues. Please keep in mind that while I can approximate the look and feel of a painting, I am unabley to create an exact copy of a painting.

Time frame for creating and shipping a painting
From the time it takes to create the painting until the painting is shipped can be as little as 2-3 weeks. Shipping usually takes 2-4 days within the continental U. S. Shipping times are usually about a week outside of the U.S., depending on distance and the time it takes for the package to clear customs.

Single canvas or multiple canvases
Click here to see various canvas sizes that are available. There are many possible combinations if a buyer wants a painting created from multiple canvases.

Matching colors in the room
Feel free to send me swatches of fabric or photos of furniture, a rug, wall color, or various other object in the room if you would like your painting to include or compliment specific colors. You may also want to send me a photo or two of the room, particularly the wall where you plan to hang the painting.

Photos of completed commissions
Click here to see some examples.

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