Contemporary paintings

About these paintings

Naomi has experimented with a number of painting techniques  and often employs several to achieve the desired image. She created many  of her paintings—especially her seascapes—with her hands and fingers.  These sophisticated finger paintings feature roiling seas, feathered  clouds and subtle washes of color. Naomi has found that this literal  hands-on approach affords a tactile connection to her canvas that can  lead her in various directions. At the same time, Naomi will employ  detailed brushwork alongside her more representational finger painting. She is  not limited by these various techniques but utilizes  the appropriate approach to her canvas for each individual work.   

All of these paintings are acrylic and coated in a protective, high-gloss varnish. They are wired, so they may be hung without a frame. Naomi  signs all of her paintings on the bottom edge of the canvas but there is no signature on the front. The sides of the paintings are often painted to match a color on the bottom front of the paintings.