Contemporary paintings

About these paintings

 These new works focus on  snowy mountainscapes featuring stark contrasts of  the white snow and rocks, contrasts that we often see at the extremes of the  day—sunrise and sunset.  At  the same time, these new works invite the artist and the viewer to  engage with the primary challenge of painting—creating a  three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional surface. Naomi employs  swaths of what appear at a distance to be flat, monochromatic surfaces  to evoke the mystery and majesty of solid mountain peaks and crevasses  lit by equally flat light. Closer inspection reveals detailed brushwork  and layered paint surfaces, carefully and meticulously applied. Like a  monumental mountainside at sunset, Naomi’s new work offers starkly  contrasting fields of blacks, greys and whites built of the smallest of  individual shadows. Some viewers have noted the similarity of these new  works to Chinese or Japanese calligraphy. The shadowed shapes can evoke  calligraphic figures, but the meaning is nature’s own, created by light  and shadow. 

All of these paintings are acrylic on stretched canvas and coated with a protective, high-gloss varnish. They are wired, so they may be hung without a frame. Naomi  signs all of her paintings on the bottom edge of the canvas, but there is no signature on the front. The sides of the paintings are often painted to match a color on the bottom front of the paintings.